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October 19, 2014

Medz, Rainbow Cake @Orchard Central

This store has closed at this location...

We were rushing around Somerset to find a cake for dear mummy, after deciding last minute that another birthday cake before the clock chimes 12 would be another birthday surprise. But, we were running late! It was 9pm when we finally had errands done and had this idea and started hunting.

But the first round around Orchard Gateway and 313 Somerset saw some cafes selling slice cakes, or humongous cakes that you have to ta-bao for many breakfasts the next few days. And, we had already ordered the chocolate cake from Chocolate Origin for a birthday previously, hence it's off the list. Click here for pics & review!

Suddenly, I thought of a recent article I read on a magazine, best rainbow cakes in Singapore. And one of it was Medz. By then, I was so desperate, anything that doesn't look traingularly-sliced will pass. I walked into the one at Orchard Central, and behold! They told me they do sell Rainbow cakes, 500grams and 1kg!

I saw the cakes in the fridge and they looked pretty. The servers told me 1kg costs $64.90 (Off my budget) and 500grams is at $38.90. Great! The frosting was ready in less than hour, (so glad they close at 11pm that day!) and I even got a handwritten birthday wish on the cake itself!

The cake's topping and frosting was done well. In fact, my dog couldn't pull his head away from the cake amid the loud birthday song!

Overall, I would say the cake itself is fragrant and soft, like the usual sponge cake. I wouldn't order for the taste, but for the whimsical colours. I'd definitely give kudos for their friendly service!


About it:
Address: #B2-01/03 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd