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May 20, 2019

Kalibo International Airport Transfers (KLO) for Boracay - Klook

Booked via Klook: Kalibo International Airport Transfers (KLO) for Boracay

Kalibo International airport to a Boracay Amor Apartments
Upon arriving at the airport entrance, there was already a few ladies wearing uniforms holding a card with some names. I spotted mine quickly and was directed to a big 40-seater bus, sparing myself of the agony of having to bargain. Waited for an hour for the bus to set off as we have to wait for everyone to arrive on the bus. The seats can be reclined and are pretty well maintained, so my husband and I managed to sleep through the entire trip. Took two hours for the bus to reach the jetty. We were then introduced to another guide, who told us where we have to sign some forms. Then we waited a bit at the jetty waiting area and quickly was ushered to a boat.

After the boat journey, we were directed to a small bus, though it was cramped, it served our objective. Like GrabShare in Singapore, people who stayed closer to the jetty dropped off first.

I stayed at the far end of Station 1, hence my journey was much longer than the rest. They have arranged for individual, dedicated porters for each guest waiting at each stop, guiding them to the hotel and helping with the luggage for a small tip, which is a really nice surprise.

The whole journey takes 3 to 4 hours and is really hassle-free, with its competitive price.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel to Kalibo International airport
It was a little scary for us to book our return trip by Klook, after all, we have no idea if they'd forget to pick us up or will be late and we end up missing our flight. Surprisingly, everything was very well-organised again.

On the evening before the flight the next day, our hotel already has a letter prepared for us stating what time Island Star will pick us up, putting us at east. We had a friend who booked via Klook one day before his flight back and got a confirmation by 7am on flight day itself - pretty quick, considering that it was a last-minute booking.

By 8.55am, we received a call that the porter has reached our hotel and was waiting for us. Wearing his uniform, he was all smiles when he saw us. We checked out and he helped us with our luggage (for a little tip) and led us to the roadside to wait for our bus. We waited for a little, and after a while, he told us the allocated bus had a punctured tyre, and another bus is coming. Initially, alarm bells went off in our heads, but a little while later, a bus came and picked us all up.

Going back was a smoother journey, after all, this is their hood. By 12pm, I was already at the airport.  It took around 4 hours. Which is way too early, so we had to hang around the airport for lunch because there's nothing much to see at the airport.