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April 2, 2015

Float@The Bay: SG's First Luxury Floating Bar

When we were first invited to a private event with a venue stating, "Float@The Bay", we thought, "Hey, it's interesting!" Because, we thought it was at Keppel Bay. (Yeah, we even thought of the Float at Marina Bay) But, The Bay in this case, is actually... where tourists board the Singapore River Cruise. I never knew that dock had such a cool name. I always felt it's where the drunkards hail their cabs back after partying at Clarke Quay.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the boat. It's extremely futuristic-looking. Entirely in white, with lots of coloured LED lighted high chairs and tables, well-stocked bar, and boom boom R&B music with bass speakers, this boat has all the tourists sitting at the River Cruise Boats staring at us.

When we boarded the ship, we were greeted by the servers, who were dressed in their uniforms and casual outfits, and are very friendly and accommodating. We could see the canapés (which came with the event) laid neatly on the high tables in the middle of the boat, with serviettes and toothpicks. They sure looked yummy.

One round, which is all the way from Singapore River to For the first 45 minutes. Cruising on the river meant no rocking waters, like Pulau Ubin boats, just very calm waters. Except that it could quite windy at times and your forks and serviettes could just fly, well, into the clean Singapore River...

What we heard was that the second 45 minutes was complimentary. After all, it's a win-win situation for both- the boat gets to make its runs with the blaring music and attract eye balls, instead of docking and remain hidden, and us on-board has to buy more drinks. While the patrons get an extra round of cruising around the rivers enjoying the winds and views of the beautiful buildings from the river, a different kind of experience.


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