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January 2, 2014

About Us

Apart from being food bloggers, we can read your mind.
You've got a question in your mind, and that is, are we steak-lovers?

And the answer to your question is a resounding yes.
Yes, we're steak lovers!

About us, we're a couple in our 20s, engaged, getting married in 2 years time when the BTO flat comes along (the typical Singaporean couples route, you know la...). We're both in the arts industry- Culinary arts, and Visual arts, hence we're critical when it comes to food- taste and presentation, and the place. Value-for-money food is one of the top goals, and so is our philosophy of not wasting calories on bad food and living to eat.

We have been trying out many new places and revisiting places we fell in love with, since a few years back. Only in mid 2014, we started to record on this blog where we have been to and the experiences, as we had many friends asking us for reviews prior to dining at a place, or an answer to the age-old question every couple encounters, "What should we eat today?"

We only take a maximum of 3-5 photos for each dish, as we believe food is best when served. #nofilter. After all, it's the whole eating process of a dish that's most important!

Feel free to drop your comments below or email us at
Our social media accounts, reviews and recipes section will be up soon! :)

-C. & K.