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October 1, 2017

Bali: Bumbu Bali Seminyak


This is a pictures-based post.

Worth the time to visit?
Yes. These pictures look good. the food is great, the service is fantastic. Price is above average, lots of foreigners. Compared to prices in Singapore, this is pretty okay.
In short, make a reservation and GO!

BTO Reno Journey: Air-con Installation

Hi all! Returning with a post on choosing a suitable air-conditioner unit, based on several points:

How we chose our air-conditioner units
  • Price: Ask if the sales guy can exchange the free gifts to discount the selling price. E.g. Exchanging a 32" TV for extra $200 off.
  • Know how big or small your rooms are, so that you can get air-cons with the right power. 
  • Other issues you might want to consider, noise from the compressor, thickness of the air-con pipings.

  • 2 trips or 1 trip? If one trip, be mindful that painters might not be able to paint small gaps, such as between the air-con unit and the side wall. If two, the wall area around the air-con unit will look aesthetically better. TBH, nobody will climb to the top and see...
  • Be open-minded and receptive to all pros and cons of other brands, as some brands have spent quite a bit on marketing, hence people think better of them. 
  • Air-con installation takes the whole day- from 9am to 5pm. Feel free to go somewhere, and come back again. It's a messy procedure, drilling and all.
  • Know roughly where you are going to place your air-con units, because when the installers come, they are going to ask you the same question, and you have to decide on the spot with your partner. Bear in mind that the trunking will be extremely visible, so do decide the path of the trunking as well. Decide whether the air con units will be facing your bed, etc. Because having the air-con directly at your face isn't exactly comfortable, and may cause colds more easily.

Bali: Gabah Restaurant & Bar

This is a pictures-based post.

Worth the time to visit?
Unless you're around the area, which you most likely will!
Make a visit. Food and service is great, you see a decent number of locals, so you know the prices are affordable.