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August 23, 2015

Caprilicious at Capri by Frasers @Changi

Sunday dinner buffet at Caprilicious at Capri by Frasers was a random decision. Hunger pangs at 4+pm, we decided to wait to fill our empty tummies with the delicious... lobsters!

The place!

We booked via Eatigo- my recent go-to app for meal ideas, as there is a 50% off for reservations made at 6pm for Caprilicious! Hoo-ray! Originally at $50, after discount, it's only $25++/pax!

What's more, this price's for a Boston Lobster buffet.

Sashimi from the buffet line

More from the buffet line...

When we reached there, we were told it's a semi-buffet, but trust me, if everyone orders 2 lobsters to share, that's actually quite a lot. Plus, the little buffet is good as well. Though basic, nothing fancy, they have the decent Chinese cuisine, Japanese tuna and salmon sashimi, no crabs, but they do have prawns. They have a pre-sliced beef station with brown sauce and potato wedges, and a bread station. The desserts located at the entrance is quite good too! A whole line by itself! That's pretty much.

We liked their Rock Lobster Bisque! A tad salty, but hey, it's really rich, and we're pretty much convinced it's made of the real stuff, after all, the remnants of so much lobster has to go somewhere right?

Here comes the lobster meal!

There're appetizers, mains (Western & Asian) and desserts to choose from, but we chose all from the first two. Desserts seem kinda not-worth-the-price.

Desserts line (aka the entrance)

Desserts (from the buffet line)!


I guess the pictures speak for themselves! 


Food: 1/5
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Total Score: 1/5
[1- Never visit again, 2-Won't visit unless there's no other option, 3-Perhaps, 4 & 5- Yes!]

Good for? Couples, Groups, Family


About it:
Address: 3 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486037
S$50++ per adult
S$27++ per child (Children age between 5-12 years old)

Buffet theme ongoing in this post: Caprilicious Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure
- Every Sat and Sun evenings from 6pm to 10pm
- Choose 2 lobster dishes from delectable selections each time you visit