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July 15, 2014

Salut Kopitiam, Salut Coffeeshop aka the (super) Atas Coffeeshop

Salut Kopitiam, Salut Coffeeshop aka the (super) Atas Coffeeshop.

Seating space is pretty constrained. When we reached at 7pm, some of the seatings were, well, reserved, so you have to hunt for seats like in a coffeeshop.

Stalls line-up: 
  • Seasalt (Selling fishes & seafood)
  • Immanuel French Kitchen
  • Two Wings (well, they sell more than just two wings)
  • Mi à n by The Travelling C.OW. (the famous food-truck that has been travelling around Singapore)
  • Brown Sugar by Eskimo (Vatierty of deserts- cupcakes, etc)
  • Jollybell (Bubble milk tea, youghurt milk tea, etc- a drinks stall)
  • Stew K üc he (Kopitiam owner focusing on German and Italian Cuisine)
This coffeeshop certainly is 'atas'! In fact, the prices are a little too... expensive. I am comparing prices to restaurants such as Savour and maybe Saizeriya, which many people has lauded as affordable and healthily-portioned. 

For example, Immanuel's French Kitchen (De Burg, a stall known for its burgers used to be there).
As for Travelling C.O.W, their place named Mian, was better on their pricing range. Their food is something that I will spend for, due to its novelty and its cheap add-on!

Moving on to the next section...

Unlike normal coffeeshops where they bring the cooked food to your table or you had to wait by the stall, this place uses buzzers. Which allows you to roam the place and check out what else you can order freely. 

The stall owners are quite young in their age, definitely evidence of who-says-the-young-won't-do-hawker.

The Food:
Immanuel's French Kitchen

Read that the chef was fomerly from now defunct Keystone Restaurant, Chef Immanuel Tee.

One entree and one main course ordered from their stall.
Amongst all others stalls, there was quite a number of people reading their menus. Perhaps it is due to the familiarity of French food among Singaporeans.

Burgundy Escargots ($11.90)

Burgundy Escargots ($11.90)
Baked half a dozen snails with tomato fondue and garlic herb butter, served with bread.

For the price, I somehow expected more. The whole combination was good, but could have be better. After all, Saizeirya costed merely $5.90 for half a dozen, with extra $2, you could get foccacio bread...

Duck Leg Confit ($14.90)

Duck Leg Confit ($14.90)
Confit of duck leg from France. Served with mashed potatoes 
The duck leg confit, was just normal. The portion was too small too. The side dishes, cabbage and mash potatoes, did not satisfy me as well. 

I am always on the hunt for good duck confits, but either they turn out to be too hard, or under marinated. It was supposed to be the best-seller, hence I had high hopes...

Mi à n by The Travelling C.OW.

Beef Bulgogi Ramen Burger & Truffle Fries ($13)

Beef Bulgogi Ramen Burger & Soup of the Day ($12)
This dish is well-priced. For just an additional $1, you get to swap your soup of the day to Truffle Fries! Well-worth the money, and neither are they stingy with their truffle. 

The ramen, much like Chinese's zhi char stalls of 生面 (sheng1 mian4),  

I have been wanting to catch it during one of its travelling stint around Singapore but never got to do so. Checklist ticked!

Premium Strawberry-lime Cider ($10)

Premium Strawberry-lime Cider ($10)
Cider from Stew K üc he. This cider tasted more like fruit juice than with alcohol. Perfect for girls. this stall serve many other novelty beers as well. Am gonna come back to try their humongous trotter and bangers platter with some friends!


Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Total Score: 3/5

Visit again? Yes... (To try other stalls)
Good for? Couples, Groups, Novelty


About it:
Salut Coffeeshop
Operating Hours: 11am to 10 pm (Closed on Monday)
Address: Block 119 Bukit Merah Lane #01-40 Singapore 151119

Directions/ Parking Tips: 

  • It is situated at Bukit Merah, very near to IKEA & Anchorpoint. 
  • Parking space can be a hassle due to Alexandra Food Village nearby, and you may have to park in the industrial area and walk slightly.