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July 19, 2014

Chef's Noodle- Affordable Korean Food in Harbourfront Area

"Chef’s Noodle is not another made-in-Singapore ‘Korean-styled’ brand. The franchisor is from South Korea and the menu items are individually and personally ‘crafted’ by a South Korea’s Chef Personality – Chef Choi. It smacks of conventional street fare, alongside with Korean traditions, but tweaked it with a contemporary twist.
What used to be Breeks at Harbourfront Centre just outside of Cold Storage is now Chef's Noodle. Both Breeks and Chef's Noddle are under Zingrill Holdings though. " - Chef's Noodle, About Us

This place is a good option if you are bored of the common restaurants, like Sushi Tei and Swensens, at Vivocity or felt Jamie's Italian is out of your budget. 

The Place!

The servers all serve with a smile, menu and bill delivery are prompt.

We ordered a noodle dish, and a rice-based dish, and sushi (in a Korean restaurant? Hmmm) as we wanted some showmanship...

Chef's Guksoo ($13.90)

Chef's Guksoo ($13.90)
Their signature noodle dish- Soft textured noodles in concentrated, savoury- sweet flavoured beef broth (Chef’s Guksoo) that comes with a tinge of slight peppery aftertaste. To add depth to the broth, topped with a slowly stewed Pork Bulgogi, and a healthy dose of fresh vegetable garnishes.

I thought I would be getting ramen kind of salty soups, but I was wrong! Its soup was tasty, not the salty kind, a very home-cooked feel. The whole bowl of soup was eventually finished!

The side dishes are mix of ups and downs. There is the well-marinated beef bulgogi, and there is a Japanese tamago imprinted with Korean words. There is the kimchi and tau geh, and the noodles were springy.

Daehan Deopbap ($14.90)
Signature korean-styled rice tub- A wholesome work of healthy ingredients piled and rounded up steam white rice at the bottom. From flavourful and sweet sautéed Bulgogi Beef; crisply battered stuffed ‘Gochu’; a medley of healthy veggie of silver sprouts, marinated chives, and tangy kimchi pickle; to our signature egg roll, and a delectably delicious seafood ‘Wanja’ (meat patty in Korean).

You can choose to eat the myraid of side dishes individually, or mix them together like bimibab. I tried the former, but eventually mixed everything up. The rice portion is enough to feed two persons, it is indeed a tub-ful of rice, fragrant rice! The side dishes, like above, includes tau gey, tamago and beef bulgogi. Here, there is a deep-fried filled green chilli (think of those in yong tau foo), deep fried processed crabstick, etc.

The soup that accompanies it is very tasty. Peppery yet not too spicy, a perfect accompaniment to the dried main. It is refillable!

Order this dish if you want a taste of everything!

Sparkling Fire Sushi ($6.90)

Tableside showmanship!

Sushi Chef's Bulchobap 
Sparkling Fire Sushi ($6.90)
Sushi rice ball, topped with a slice of marbled Wagyu Beef, glazed with a coat of sweetened Bulchobap sauce and flambe over a torch of fire to grill the meat. A spectator sight, with comfort and gourmet all in one.

Yes, it indeed caught many diners' attention when the server pushed the cart over to our table and started to flame our wagyu beef. Watching the raw beef curdle up under the flame, and eventually putting it into my mouth, tasting the smoky after taste is indeed an experience worth the value for only $6.90.

We saw many people ordering their interesting mocktails as well, would be good to try them out!


Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Total Score: 3/5

Visit again? Maybe, if there's no other food option...
Good for? Couples, Groups


About it:
Chef's Noodle
Address: Harbour Front Centre 1 Maritime Square #01-99/100 Singapore 099253 (Outside of Cold Storage)
Another Outlet at Jurong Point 63 Jurong West Central 3 B1-45/46 Singapore 648331