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February 11, 2015

Sopra Cucina & Bar @Orchard,

This quaint place is at Pan Pacific Hotel, previously Hotel Negara, or otherwise known as 10@Claymore. The inside is extremely beautiful, with a full-fledged bar and ample working area for the staff. There's an open kitchen as well. Lots of high tables that are abit rickety, but adds to the charm. The ambiance is just cozy. On the other side, well, it's Orchard Tower. So just request for an inside seat to be immersed in your beautiful environment. 

When we arrived in the late afternoon, there was an engagement party going on, hence we were abit unsure if the whole place has been booked. On seeing our confused faces lingering at the entrance, the staff came out and welcomed us in warmly. 

We were handed the menus and told that there was a happy hour, $10 for beers, and there were happy hour prices for wines as well. So together with a Pilsner, a type of pale lager, we ordered:

Sliced Mozzarella Cheese, Cherry Tomato, Chopped Basil, Oregano and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grilled Barramundi
With Potato, Olives, Capers and Parsley

Slow Cooked Pork Belly With Balsamic Glaze and Soft Polenta

Shortly after we ordered, we were given some bread each. We mixed our own olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and started munching... into cold bread. Not sure if it was meant to be cold, but we thought they would have been better warm. After we finished, we were offered a second round of bread.

The Caprese to start off, was a bit bland, hence we gave it a layer of olive oil and a dash of salt, which did the trick. The Cheese and Tomatoes were like any other Caprese salad. We thought we should have ordered the Squid one...

The Grilled Barramundi is tasty. The flesh was quite tender to the fork, and the skin grilled quite crispy. Interestingly, the potatoes, olives, capers and parsley work together to give a very unique taste. They added lots of of colors and flavours to the dish, adding presentation points.

Well, we were actually more interested in the Porchetta, as we don't come across this dish very often. It's basically slow-cooked Pork Belly. In this dish, the meat comes with Balsamic glaze and polenta. The polenta, which is basically cornmeal boiled into a porridge is like baby feed, giving the otherwise tough Pork Belly another dimension. Although the Pork Belly is slightly over done, the effort put in is evident. The fats is luscious, and the portion quite enough to fill a big boy.

However, do be wary of the serving time. The food may take quite a while to be served. While reading reviews, I brushed off this fact, that waiting time is long. But I thought that in a restaurant quite empty on a late afternoon, the kitchen can probably do better. Well, perhaps it may be due to the little party that the kitchen was short-handed. Nonetheless, you might want to pop by just for the ambiance in this pretty place. 


Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Total Score: 2/5
[1- Never visit again, 2-Won't visit unless there's no other option, 3-Perhaps, 4 & 5- Yes!]

Good for? Couples, Groups, Family
Price Range: $20-$30 


About it:
Sopra Cucina & Bar
Address: 10 Claymore Road, 229540