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May 24, 2015

Wedding: Venue- Hilton Hotel

We went for the wedding fair hosted by Hilton hotel. This is one of the first five star hotel that we visited for a wedding venue and... we should not have expected anything out of the ordinary.

Since it's a pretty established hotel, the rooms have been used by countless people ahead, and so they looked a bit tired, like the carpet, etc.

The rooms weren't what we were looking for.

The Panorama room (top most level) was too long, and the stage had to be at one end, so guests at the back will feel left out. The view's good, but the room's just too narrow.

The Vista room has the same issues, except it's long and narrow like the Panorama room too.

Surprisingly, the prices were pretty reasonable.

1 Jan - 31 Dec 2016
Weekdays: $1,188 (8-course)
Weekends: $1,268 (9-course)

Different wedding themes:

Here's a sneak peek of their Executive Room, which is part of the package. It has a connecting day room for your helpers:

KIV / Nope!

Although the chances of raking in bigger Ang Baos with this name of this hotel splashed on the invitation cards are much higher, we'd rather not regret.