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March 17, 2017

BTO Reno Journey: Customizing and Making Korean Combination Roller Blinds on EzBuy Prime service

Yes, after surveying the local market for prices and the types of blinds, we're decided to take a gamble...and buy on Taobao, via EzBuy Prime service of course! Since shipping is free (practically!) via Prime, the reviews on the listings are good, seller was quite responsive to my enquiries, and most importantly, the price, design and quality are great, we went ahead and made an order.

You can ask for free samples from the seller and use EzBuy's Ship-for-me service to receive the parcel.

How are the samples look like:

We measured the dimensions ourselves, told the seller the color we want, how many panels. They then told us the price, and I told him my friend (aka Prime) will be making the order and payment for me. So I typed into the comments section with my ID and conversation with the seller, and Prime did the necessary arrangements for me. Voila, and it was ready in a week! Only Prime EzBuy shipping will take awhile, as the parcels are considered bulky.

Price of Korean Combination Roller Blinds for:
3 bedrooms (same size): SGD 4xx
Living room: SGD 2xx
Prime fee: SGD 2.99
Home Delivery: SGD 8.00
Total: SGD 6xx

Some photos of the arrived goods:

Matching the sample with the real stuff...

Installed and looking good!

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have! :)