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June 27, 2018

Dream Cruises: Genting Cruise (Part 2 of 2)

You're reading Part 2 of 2 of our Genting Cruise trip.
Read Part 1 of 2 here.


The Cabin- Balcony Stateroom

  • We have never thought of staying in an inside stateroom, as we want to wake up every morning facing the sky and sea. The rooms are probably the same size as the Balcony Staterooms on RC's Mariner of The Seas, but the bathroom is bigger. I'm glad the furnishings aren't too tacky.

    See pictures of the Balcony Stateroom:

The balcony is tiny!

Spacious bathroom for a ship!

Onboard ActivitiesClick images below to see activities for all 6 days. 

  • Repetitions
    Events such as Bingo, Discounts, Clearance Sales etc. can happen many times over the cruise. However, if you see something that you really like and the price is right for you, snag it. But for Genting Cruise, the prices were not very attractive- check Carousel or Google back on shore, then wait for the next sale to make your purchase. 
World Championships at Bar 360

Every night is Bingo night!

The best usage for such a huge screen

Highlights of the ship!

Highlights of the ship!

It looks simple, but so many people have tried to no avail.

Book your shows the moment at the counters are open on the first night. 
Some timings were sold out already two hours after the counter opened.
The Dream Cruise app's booking system never worked throughout the trip.

Tour Talks- Selling your their package tours on the first night

China Got Talent
They have Zhao Wei and the other judges on the big screens, so the actors act like they're speaking to the judges on stage... it's kinda weird tbh. 

Glow Bowling Alley. Beside Zouk Club.

The Arcade

Don't expect fireworks to be on those like National Day. 
There were only one or two fireworks at every one time (like 'pok'.... 'pok'....)
so it didn't seem as grand as I'd expected it to be.

Currency Exchange

Exchange rates on the cruise were, surprisingly, very competitive. Worry not, if you accidentally spent all your Thai Baht on the second day already.

Shore Excursions

  • Tour or solo?
    On Royal Caribbean, the shore excursion prices were very costly. We were quite happy to find out that shore excursions were reasonably priced.
    For example, a two-way transfer (45 minutes each way) to a mall and beach strip from the port to Cha Weng Beach at Koh Samui only cost us SGD25 per person. On top of that, shore excursion participants get to go on tender boats an hour earlier than the rest of the passengers, which means you get an hour more for your excursion.
    Of course, there are crazily-priced tours, such as bespoke tours at $880, but the cheaper ones might suit you better. 
Shore Excursion tickets you receive when you purchase over the counter

Gathering at the Zodiac Theatre to get on the tender boats...

Ko Samui: The jetty from the tour bus

Ko Samui: The queue for the tender boats heading back to the ship

Ko Samui: Refreshing drinks and cold towels were given before boarding the tender boats

Ko Samui: These boats are soooooo much more stable

Ko Samui: Central Life Mall

Laem Chambang, Discovering Pattaya Tour: Sanctuary of Truth

Laem Chambang, Discovering Pattaya Tour: Rare finds at the replica Floating Market

Laem Chambang, Discovering Pattaya Tour: Would come back here again at night! ;)

Laem Chambang, Discovering Pattaya Tour: Central Life Mall... again. Different location k.

Pulau Redang: Avoid this corner if you hate crowds.

Pulau Redang: Yes, this corner when you alight the bus. 
Go all the way in, there're clear waters for snorkelling!

Pulau Redang: Waited very long for the tender boats to go back to the ship...

Pulau Redang: Going back. It can get uncomfortable on these lifeboats. 
Saw some people throwing up back on the shore...

Tours on the ship!

With hubby being a chef and us foodies, how can we miss this tour?
So for $20 per pax, we visited the Galley, otherwise known as the kitchen where they prepare food for almost everyone on the ship. Almost, because the Palace guests have their food prepared at a separate kitchen. An experienced chef brought us around, for 15 minutes for a quick walkabout. Pretty amazing, but nothing in-depth. No souvenirs to bring home as well.

Essentials Packing List

  1. Highlighter or Pen: To highlight activities on the daily schedule ('Dream Daily' on this cruise) that you want to participate in
  2. Sports Shoes: Forgetting this means you will miss a lot of other activities such as the Ropes Course and Fitness classes. 
  3. Beachwear: You will need them for the pool, as well as beach activities on-shore.
  4. Sunglass, Sunscreen & Aloe Vera Gel: With so many hours under the sun, do not forget to protect yourself from the harsh sun.
Thanks for reading Part 2 of 2 of our Genting Cruise trip!
Read Part 1 of 2 here.