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About Us

Yes, we're steak lovers! 
Medium-rare at that :)

About us, we're a couple in our 20s, recently married. K. used to work in a celebrity chef restaurant's kitchen, and moved to being a corporate chef. While me, C., is a freelance designer, who loves to design anything food-related. Critiquing food has become part of our nature, be it taste and presentation, as well as the place. Value-for-money is one of our top goals, and so is our philosophy of not wasting calories on bad food and yes, living to eat.

We have been trying out many new places and revisiting places we fell in love with, since a few years back. Starting since mid 2014, we started recording, on this blog, on where we have been to and the experiences, as we frequently encounter people asking us if we have been to a certain dining place, or just an answer to the age-old question every couple encounters, "What should we eat today?"

No DSLRs involved, just a point-and-shoot camera or usually, our mobile phones, hence if the food/ lighting looks good, it's all credits to that establishment :)

Feel free to drop your comments below or email us at regarding food tastings, openings (we love openings!), or just for a plain chat about life.

We pay for all meals and travel expenses ourselves and are not sponsored in any way. As a result, we have the freedom to write and review food and places without any bias. Enjoy reading and eating!

-C. & K.